Polyfix Classic Poulten & Graf

Fortune Polyfix Classic Dispenser

The POLYFIX® Dispenser, the cheaper alternative to a Bottle Top Dispenser, and which is offered in two sizes (10 and 50 ml), is becoming more and more popular. Therefore we have expanded the product range fully satisfy your dispensing needs. Proven dispensing advantages such as visible dosing procedure (using glass and glass cylinder piston system), ergonomic finger guard and precise volume setting have been incorporated . As with with the OPTIFIX® dispenser, the valve block is made of polypropylene, so that all the media against which polypropylene is resistant, can be dispensed.The POLYFIX® Dispenser comes with 2 adaptors made of Polypropylene GL 40 and 45.

Classic: POLYFIX® Dispenser with glass piston (Art.-No. 101 070). The POLYFIX® Dispenser with glass piston is the basic model of this dispenser series. Through the precise grinding of the glass piston in the glass cylinder the system seals very well. The dosing procedure is visible.

Poulten & Graff Fortuna Polyfix Classic Dispenser