Optifix Universal HF Poulten & Graf

Fortune Optifix Universal HF Dispenser

The FORTUNA UNIVERSAL® OPTIFIX® HF is available for dosing of all media that can be handled with by other OPTIFIX® dispensers and in addition, for hydrofluoricacid. The dosing cylinder is made of PTFE so that the dosing liquid does not come into contact with glass. The finger protection cap is white, with a blue colour code. Confusion with the yellow OPTIFIX® dispensers is not possible.

For security reasons, the dosing piston and the dosing cylinder are very tight, so that it can only be moved with some effort. Therefore, the HF dispenser should be fixed to a stand or must be operated with both hands, that means you will hold the bottle with one hand and dispense with the other hand. A bottle cuff is not sufficient.


  • Accurate volume setting on the OPTIFIX® dispensers
    OPTIFIX® Dispensers are tested in our calibration department in accordance with ISO standard 8655. By rotating the fine-tuning wheel the volume of liquid can be fixed precisely. The wheel will not move during multiple dosings so the user can be sure that the desired volume is maintained.
  • Quality for your safety
    Our customers appreciate the OPTIFIX® dispensers, in particular because of the use of high quality materials such as PTFE and borosilicate glass and the solid processing, which together lead to a long life-span. By avoiding the use of metal springs, the dosing liquid cannot be contaminated.
  • Expanded volume range from 1 ml to 50 ml
    In order to meet there quirements of the market, the volume range of the FORTUNA® UNIVERSAL OPTIFIX® HF dispenser has been extended by 2 sizes: 5 ml and 50 ml.
Poulten & Graff Fortuna Optifix Universal HF Dispenser