Optifix Solvent Poulten & Graf

Fortune Optifix Solvent Dispenser


  • Safety in dispensing solvents
    OPTIFIX® SOLVENT is available - for dispensing solvents and low viscous media. The glass plunger of the dispenser is ground in tothec learg lasscy linder togive a precise fit sothat liquid swith a viscosity of about 100 mm²/s (e.g. oliveoil) can be dispensed. No metal springsareused in the SOLVENT dispenser. The sample liquid is free of metallic ions. The finger guard of the SOLVENT is red so as to avoid mistakes.
  • Highest accuracy of the OPTIFIX Dispensers
    In our calibration department the OPTIFIX® SOLVENT dispensers are tested according to ISO Standard 8655. Accurate volume can be set by use of the rotary fine adjustment.
  • Quality materials
    A key advantage of OPTIFIX® SOLVENT dispenser is the use of high quality materials such as PTFE and borosilicate glass, which results a long life span. Wide volume range from 0.4 ml to 500 ml. The OPTIFIX® SOLVENT dispensers are offered in 9 sizes from 0.4 ml up to 500 ml. Particularly for volatile solvents, it is advisable that liquids are dispensed directly from a storange bottle.
Poulten & Graff Fortuna Optifix Solvent Dispenser