Optifix Safety S Poulten & Graf

Fortune Optifix Safety S Dispenser

As tight as possible - the best way to dispense fuming chemicals.The new FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® SAFETY S Dispenser can be used for safe dispensing of fuming acids and other corrosive liquids. It has triple sealing for your working safety:

  1. by the additional safety valve in the ventilation channel,
  2. by the sealing lip at the end of the dosing piston, and
  3. through the PTFE-safety stopcock.


  • Standardized dispensing
    All OPTIFIX® SAFETY S dispensers are tested according to the ISO standard 8655.
  • Quality is safety
    By the use of solid materials such as glass and PTFE, the OPTIFIX SAFETY S Dispenser will be the safety dispenser for your application. Our valve system works without any metal springs, so there is no corrossion and the dispensing liquid remains clean.
  • User-oriented volume range from 0.4 ml to 100 ml
    With its volume range from 0.4 to 100 ml the OPTIFIX® SAFETY S dispenser covers the required working range for use in the laboratory.
Poulten & Graff Fortuna Optifix Safety S Dispenser