Optifix Basic Poulten & Graf

Fortune Optifix Basic Dispenser

The benefits of the OPTIFIX® BASIC Dispenser

  • Best safety
    With OPTIFIX® BASIC, aqueous solutions, acids and crystallizing media can be dosed safely. As there are no metal springs used in the OPTIFIX dispenser, liquid samples will not be contaminated. By using a glass cylinder one can clearly see the liquid as it is being dosed. To avoid mistakes, the finger caps are labeled in different colours. The BASIC dispenser is in blue.
  • High accuracy
    By using high quality materials such as PTFE and boros ilicate glass the OPTIFIX® BASIC Dispenser ensures outstanding performance for many years.
  • Premium quality
    OPTIFIX® Dispensers are tested in our calibration department in accordance with ISO standard 8655. By rotating the fine-tuning wheel the volume of liquid can be fixed precisely. The wheel will not move during multiple dosings so the user can be sure that the desired volume is maintained.
  • Wide volume range
    The OPTIFIX® BASIC Dispenser is offered in nine sizes from 0.4 ml to 500 ml with a correspondin grange of bottle top adaptors. This allows a widerange of volumes to be dispensed safely andac curately directly from storage bottles
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