Spore Strips Excelsior Scientific

Excelsior Scientific Spore Strips

Excelsior offers a full line of spore strips for use in monitoring various sterilisation processes including Ethylene Oxide (EO), Dry Heat, Steam and Radiation.

Spore strips consist of inoculated filter paper, 6mm x 30mm, packaged in glassine pouches. Spore strips are available in populations from 102 to 108 for each organism.

Excelsior strips are manufactured in shelf packs of 100 with a 24 month shelf-life based on the organism and date of manufacturer when stored under room temperature conditions. Spore strips are certified for species, population, purity, resistance, (dvalue, zvalue, survival/kill, where applicable) and expiration date.

Excelsior Scientific Spore Strips
Ethylene Oxide
Code Spore Population Per Strip
STN - 04E104 (10.000)
STN - 05E105 (100.000)
STN - 06E106 (1.000.000)
Code Spore Population Per Strip
STS - 04E104 (10.000)
STS - 05E105 (100.000)
STS - 06E106 (1.000.000)
BS52306E106 (1.000.000)
Code Spore Population Per Strip
STP - 06E106 (1.000.000)
STP - 07E107 (10.000.000)
STP - 08E108 (100.000.000)
Dry Heat
Code Spore Population Per Strip
STN - 06DHE106 (1.000.000)
Combination Strips
Code Spore Population Per Strip
STNS - 65E105 (100.000) Geobacillus stearothermophilus & 106 (1.000.000) Bacillus atrophaeus