VisiQuick™ Marposs

Marposs VisiQuick™ Measuring System for Glass Containers

VisiQuick™ is a totally flexible machine, suitable for accurate dimensional and geometric inspection, on sample basis, of a large variety of glass containers having different size, shape and colour.

It can be installed in the laboratory or close to the manufacturing line, at the cold end.

VisiQuick™ machine includes one or more measuring stations:

  • external dimensions measuring station
  • inside diameter and profile measuring station
  • weight and push-up measuring station
  • wall thickness measuring station
  • labelling area profile measuring station (patent application filed)


  • strong mechanical structure: made of steel (no aluminum profiles) to guarantee stability and good measurements results
  • flexibility: no retooling at all required to conveyors, pick & place and to the measuring stations when the container to be measured changes
  • modularity and upgradability: VisiQuick™ can be configured with one or more measuring stations, which can be also added to the machine, as un upgrade, after the purchase
  • customizable solutions: despite being a product, VisiQuick™ allows some levels of customizations based on customers’ requirements/necessities
  • extensive library of measurements algorithms: besides existing algorithms Marposs can develop new ones based on the customers’ specific requirements
  • Industry 4.0 ready: full compatibility with production monitoring system (e.g. Vertech SIL)
  • intuitive HMI: VisiQuick™ software, installed in a powerful Industrial PC, provides a simple and intuitive user interface
Marposs VisiQuick™ Measuring System for Glass Containers