Stress Crack Tester Somex

Somex Stress Crack Tester

The most efficient way of testing your PET bottles against external parameters or problems related to manufacturing.

Performance of samples can be evaluated when the base of the bottle is immersed in a NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) solution which simulates failure associated with Stress Crack. Prior to immersion the bottles are filled (to fill level) with water and pressurized. Failure results in a pressure loss or burst of the bottle.


  • User safety, constructed to CE standard.
  • Introduces automation to a manual & time consuming test.
  • Standardize Stress Crack Testing across your organization.
  • Complies with the ISBT test method.
  • Automatic or Semi Automatic
  • 6 or 12 Test Heads.
Somex Stress Crack Tester