ACM TERM.200 Terminal

In the area of quality management for beverages a central operating unit is essential for the reading of important data. All signals from the sensors are captured, shown on a display and regularly updated. Product specific BRIX, CO2 and conductivity values, as well as additional data like pH, oxygen are captured and analysed.

The ACM concept flexibly adapts to any given task, no matter if fruit or vegetable juices, soft drinks, syrup, liquid sugar, beer or any other concent-rations have to be analysed. This is made possible by a product memory that stores data like nominal, limit value, corrected value, compensation data for all products to be analysed. The required product can be called up by the product number. Via standard printer all results could be printed out so that the filling process can be comprehended at a later time.


Via dialogue on the display all data are entered and all functions can easily be called up. Operating errors can practically be excluded. The terminal is equipped with all the currently required data interfaces. Together with connected sensors it forms a complete measuring system conforming to the ISO 900x quality requirements. ACM goes a step further and offers a special software for integration into a centrally regulated quality control system via computer. This software contains a data base for long-term measuring, statistical and graphic analysis of product- based measuring and product data, as well as realtime presentations and flow charts of the filling process.


  • Maintenance-free inline measuring technology in connection withQUATROL.50 results in a compact, expandable concept inaccordance with ISO 900x;
  • Quick and simple operation, errors can be excluded;
  • Water-proof touchscreen;
  • Generous product memory, to be dialled via function keys;
  • Fully automatic monitoring of the beverages, alarm systemand switch-off option of the filling process;
  • Hardware technology made of Niro IP67;power supply 24 VDC or 230 VAC.
ACM TERM.200 Terminal