ACM OX.40 OXYSENSO is based upon a further development of the opto-chemical measuring principle.

Now precision optics enable a more accurate detection of afterglow time res. of phases shift, resulting in higher resolution and lower O2-detection levels.

Because of usage of robust sensor tip material outstanding long run time together with fast response times are achieved.

The patented application of a reference LED makes the sensor almost drift-free.

Further Innovation

On change of sensor tip factory calibration of tip is transmitted via smart-tag technology to the display unit. Offline calibration of meter or calibration via hand held devices are not needed anymore, with makes the maintenance task by far easier.

ACM OX.40 is in the brewing and beverage sector widely applicable, in its version ULTRAPURE also for the detection of trace -02 in gases, , e.g. on CO2-recovery plants.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 166 mm
  • Weight: 4,6 kg
  • Mounting: Varivent Inlinemounting
  • Power supply: 24 VDC; 0,4 A
  • Nominal max. pressure: ND 10 bar
  • Cleaning: Plant typical CIP, until 130 °C
  • Measuring range, and accuracy: 0-10 mg/l O2 , +/- 0,005 mg/l O2
  • Resolution: +/- 0,001 mg/l O2
  • Response time: t90 < 20 sec
  • Temperatur working range: -5 – 40 °C
  • Data display: Grafical Display “blue” with background lighting, 162x 64 Pixel
  • Output signal: RS 485, 4-20 mA, ProfibusDP, and DeviceNet
ACM OX.40 Oxysenso