ACM LR.1x Laser Refractometer

The Laserrefractometer LR.1x is applied for the continuous, fast and highly accurate determination of °BRIX-values in juices, lemonades and diet drinks and for the CO2 insensitive determination of original gravity from brewhouse to filling line.

Caused by the varying quantity of dissolved matter in the medium, a laser beam in combination with a specially coated prism is deflected. A CCD camera detects accurately the deflection, the measuring signal is transferred into °BRIX. A fast temperature sensor reads the temperature of the sample, the °BRIX value is compensated to 20 °C reference temperature.

Without any averaging, the LR.1x gives out measuring values every second, an optimum e.g. for closed loop – or phases separation tasks.

The accuracy of +/-0,01 °BRIX (resolution +/- 0,001 °BRIX), so far unreached in process instrumentation, enables a reliable real inline measurement for the diet drink production. The usual problems of process refractometers caused by condensate after the CIP are solved by its unique design.

LR.1x is robust and almost maintenance-free...

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions Width 205 x height 360 x depth 170 mm
  • Weight Approx. 8,3 kg
  • Mounting Inline Varivent; bypass; G 100 tank flange mounting
  • Cleaning Common CIP, up to 130 °C
  • Measuring range & accuracies LR.10: 0-30 °BRIX, for lemonades and diet drinks, fruit and
  • vegetable juice, etc. LR.11: 40-85 °BRIX, for ready made syrup, liquid sugar, concentrates,
  • etc. LR.13: 0-78 °BRIX for ready made syrup incl. diet, concentrates
  • and special applications
  • Data display 2×16 signs LCD with background lighting
  • Output signal RS485, (0)4-20 mA, Profibus DP, and DeviceNet!
ACM LR.1x Lazer Refraktometre