Veriflow Reader

The Veriflow Reader provides fully quantitative analysis of targeted microbes in various matrices including food, food components, juices, wine, beer and environmental swabs. Utilizing a built-in QR code scanner, the Reader displays quantitative results from test cassettes used with the Veriflow food protection assays, as well as the vinoBRETT and brewPAL suites of tests. Instant display of specific cell counts provides exact quantification to remove subjectivity or interpretive variability from your quality analysis.

The Reader features data storage and export functionality for tracking, reporting, and trending of test results. Data management capabilities enable quality managers to track the presence and changing levels of organisms over time, by source, by lot, or by location in the facility – all in an effort to isolate sources of contamination and proactively respond to levels exceeding quality targets.


  • Instantaneous quantitative test results (cells/ml)
  • Limit of detection to < 10 cells/ml
  • Simple, intuitive and user-friendly touch screen
  • Data storage for immediate or delayed export


  • Removes subjectivity from results interpretation
  • Precise analysis of cell counts in each sample
  • Enables rapid remediation dependent on level of contamination
  • Establish baseline data and trend analysis
Veriflow Reader