Soluscope Serie 4 Endoscope Washer & Disinfector

Serie 4 is the fastest endoscope reprocessor in the market and unique with its patented dual wash technology and the new chemicals.

Serie 4 is economial because of its sensitivity on time, chemical consumption and environment.


  • Total cycle time is 16 min.
  • Uses alkaline deterjent for cleaning and PAA for disinfection.
  • A validated process.
  • Single shot system. Therefore, each endscope is exposed to exactly the same process.
  • Consumes less water and chemicals.
  • Complies with EN ISO 15883 -1 ve 15883-4 standards.
  • Provides tracability via connecting to Soluscope ITS.
Soluscope Serie 4 Endoscope Washer and Disinfector