veriFLOW Legionella

  • The most advanced Legionella detection technology on the market.
  • Accurate, rapid results – with viability differentiation.
  • Veriflow® technology is proven to provide rapid, accurate, actionable detection of Legionella – with no compromises on ease of use and affordability.
  • Veriflow’s proprietary DNA Signature Capturing technology combines proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection with innovative, first-in-class scientific approaches for unparalleled performance.
  • Veriflow technology is AOAC International Certified for foodborne pathogen detection, and has been widely adopted by third party testing labs and food manufacturers around the globe. Veriflow Legionella has passed CDC proficiency testing at CDC ELITE laboratories.
Hızlı legionella testi


Matrix Internal Validation External Validation
Potable Water YES YES
Non-Potable Water YES YES
Rainwater YES YES
Chlorinated Water/td> YES YES

Performance Specifications

Time to Results 4 hours
Matrix Compatibility Potable Water, Non-Potable Water, Rainwater, Chlorinated Water
Sensitivity (LOD) 10 cells/mL
Assay Format Qualitative
Test Stability 1 year expiration with proper storage
Enrichment Not required
Sample Preparation Molecular platform that eliminates filtration and need for DNA extraction or purification
Cell Viability Differentiates between live and dead cells
Workflow 60 min. sample prep with less than 10 minutes of hands-on time
Results Interpretation Immediate visualization on hand-held cassette – no complex data analysis


Assay Strains Results
Inclusivity 13 Legionella isolates:
Legionella anisa, bozemanae,dumoffii, feeleii, jordanis, gormanii, longbeachae, micdadei, maceachernii, sainthelensi, pneumophila subsp. pneumophila, pneumophila subsp. pascullei, pneumophila subsp. fraseri
100% Detection Rate
Exclusivity 34 non-specific bacterial strains 100% Exclusion Rate